Pazzaglia excells in agricultural machinery

The company Pazzaglia was founded in 1983 by Fabio Pazzaglia. It evolved from a small shop selling agricultural machines into a modern factory producing and selling its own branded products worldwide.

Pazzaglia’s headquarters are in Casalguidi, near Pistoia. “Being here means we have direct contact with many of our customers,” says owner Fabio Pazzaglia “and this is advantageous for us. We are able to understand in real time what the nurseries need, get their suggestions and develop our products with them. Our engineers know the industry and our highly-skilled workforce well. Aided by state-of-the-art equipment, Pazzaglia produces machines that are now sold all over the world.”

 Pazzaglia is one of the leading manufacturers of root balling machines, but the company has now expanded its offerings with a full line including pruning platforms, container movers, loaders, planters, pruners and a small tractor, highly suitable for small spaces between rows of high density nurseries.

The assortment of root balling machines ranges from the smallest in the world,( model FZ50 which root balls from 18 cm to 50 cm, and is suitable for shrubs and small trees, up to model FZ200AV, the flagship of the company, which root balls from 60 cm to 200 cm, that can dig huge specimens and lift plants weighing up to almost five tons.

Best Seller

“Our best seller is the FZ110 which suits most nurseries growing shrubs and trees,” continues Pazzaglia. “All of our digging machines make perfect root balls allowing for easier operation whether they have to transplant or put plants in pots or containers. They can be easily customized with a long list of accessories and options, from different size blades to cranes, excavators, movers and everything needed to make the job more comfortable for operators.”

The company’s market share has grown steadily over the years thanks in part to a very efficient and well-established sales network. “In many countries, we operate directly from Pistoia while in others we have local dealers,” says Pazzaglia. “Many have been working with us for many years, others more recently, especially in countries where the nursery stock industry has only recently started up and is still under development”.

The company exports its products throughout Europe, Russia, Turkey and the U.S.A. and other countries worldwide. “Our main export markets now are Holland, Germany and Russia. We believe Asia, North Africa and South America will be very important markets for us in the near future.”

The company participates in many exhibitions such as IPM Essen, Flormart in Padova and Eima in Bologna and through dealers at other shows, like Istanbul.

Innovative Solutions

Pazzaglia has many innovative solutions and exclusive patents that are helping growers with their everyday tasks. “In the future we want to continuously improve our products and introduce new machines. For example, our latest improvement is our new container mover PZL900T which boasts an innovative telescopic arm.

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