Paprika Tasty Radio to examine trends and developments in Japan’s horticulture

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA, Webinar organiser, radio broadcaster, content marketing specialist and networking event organiser Jungle Talks, in association with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will examine trends and developments in Japan’s horticultural industry. Ed Smit will host two Paprika Tasty Radio Specials to reveal the secrets behind building good business relationships in Japan and the country’s action plan to become self-sufficient and boost exports of agricultural goods. Tune in on Thursday 3 June and Thursday 10 June  (16.00 hrs CEST).

Japan lies off the eastern coast of the Asian continent. An archipelago, Japan consists of four main islands—Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū, and Shikoku—as well as 3,900 smaller islands. Total land area:  145,825 square miles (377,688 square kilometers).

Almost the entire population lives on only one-sixth of the total land area. Of all the world’s major nations, the Japanese have the highest population density per square mile of habitable land. Japan has virtually no natural resources except those found in the sea. To Japan’s north, the nearest foreign soil is the Russian-controlled island of Sakhalin while the People’s Republic of China and South Korea lie to the west of Japan.

Japan has a population of approximately 127 million people. By the standards of other nations, the Japanese are one of the most homogeneous people on earth. Under two million foreigners (less than one percent of the total Japanese population) live in Japan. Tokyo is Japan’s capital and largest city. The national flag of Japan is a crimson disc, symbolizing the rising sun, in the center of a white field.

“Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun, host of the 2021 Olympic Games and also the country that is developing the first prototype of a tomato harvesting robot. Japan is a fascinating country where everything works differently than anywhere else in the world and this also applies to the country’s horticulture sector. This episode will offer you a glimpse on a fascinating country with almost infinite but also very complex opportunities,“ says Smit.

In the first episode of two radio programmes Smit will have a round table with four guests: Evert Jan Kraijenbrink , Dutch Agricultural Counsellor in Japan, Akira Saito of Delphy Japan, Michel de Kok of Holland Web and Jeroen van Leeuwen of Hortinnovate will take the listeners on an inspiring horticultural journey to a fascinating country.

On June 3, from 16.00 hrs CEST onwards these four guests will present themselves and the week after on 10 June they will discuss four relevant themes that illustrate the present and future of Japan’s horticultural sector. Tune in via

‘Jungle Talks to Japan’ is powered by Paprika Tasty Radio and Jungle Talks and supported by Netherlands Agricultural Network.  All ‘Jungle Talks to’ episodes can be downloaded as podcast from Spotify via this link:

3 June and 10 June 2021 (16.00 – 17.00 hrs CEST).

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