Paprika Tasty Radio to examine trends and developments in Controlled Environment Agriculture in the USA        

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: Webinar organiser, radio broadcaster, content marketing specialist and networking organiser Jungle Talks, in association with the Netherlands Agricultural Network will examine trends and developments in Controlled Environment Agriculture in the USA. Ed Smit will host two Jungle Talks/Paprika Tasty Radio Specials to discuss the country’s current and future challenges for CEA and the growth opportunities for investors and horticultural engineering companies. Tune in on Thursday 18 November and Thursday 25 November 2021 (16.00 hrs CET). 

Ornamental plant grower Green Circle Growers from Oberlin and known for their Just Add Ice brand, lettuce grower Revol Greens/Equilibrium, the University of the District of Colombia and of course the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor, will discuss all aspects of CEA, from greenhouse horticulture to indoor / urban farming.

Agricultural Counsellor Marianne Vaes will kick off with a short overview of the current developments. Professor Sabine O’Hara of the University of District of Columbia, the only University in the world that is fully focused on Urban Agriculture, will explain all the ins and outs of the CAUSES programme.

Marcel Boonekamp, Director of Growing at Green Circle Growers, the largest Phalaenopsis grower in the country, will dive in current trends and developments of the ornamental sector. Last but not least, Marco de Bruin, co-founder and Board Member of Revol Greens will share his thoughts on current and future business models with a focus on finance and autonomous growth.

On 18 November, from 16.00 hrs CET onwards the three guests will present themselves and the week after on 25 November they will discuss the themes mentioned above. Tune in via

Local for local is becoming mainstream, not just in terms of producing close to your market but sourcing, in all its forms, will also be done closer to home. Does this provide opportunities to produce in Sustainable Urban Delta’s, as Meiny Prins predicts, or will production even be a reality ‘within the last mile’, in city centers?

Money makes the world go around. Especially in the USA. Horticulture has traditionally been financed by banks and from own capital. The past decade has seen major changes, both in ‘traditional’ horticulture as well as in indoor farms. Private equity has entered in many companies and creates opportunities for exponential growth. Marco de Bruin represents the world of private equity, but what will the future of Green Circle Growers look like from this perspective, a company that has always been based on organic growth without the help of external investors?

Two hours definitely is not sufficient to tackle all the major topics in horticulture in the USA, but these USA specials will definitely trigger you to find out more in case you have still missed out on this huge market. In 2 hours you’ll get a good overview of the current situation in horticulture and what the future will look like in the next couple of years.

‘Jungle Talks to the USA’ is powered by Paprika Tasty Radio and Jungle Talks and supported by Netherlands Agricultural Network. Following the radio shows, all ‘Jungle Talks to’ episodes can be downloaded as podcast from Open Spotify via this link:

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