P. Nelis up and running after devastating fire

HEEMSTEDE, Netherlands: Dutch-based bulb exporter P. Nelis & Zoon’s is continuing operations after a fire on 12 September devastated three of its warehouses and  part of the processing area.

A company’s spokesperson said that despite the extensive smoke and water damage that the buildings sustained, the bulb supplier was able to rescue several storage cells and a portion of bulb stock.

On Saturday 17 September, the company was up and running again with bulbs being shipped to customers.

Employees of P. Nelis & Zoon’s noticed smoke in the packing hall in the early morning of 12 September. In line with precautionary measures, they immediately switched off coolers and machines. The fire brigade arrived promptly and immediately started searching for the source.

Bold action taken by the first responders and in consultation with P. Nelis enabled a large part of the company to be saved. The fire brigade created a corridor when the fire reached the processing area, which isolated and saved the office and most of the storage cells with their large stock of bulbs.

The company’s management continues to look for solutions to remediate for the loss of stock and processing space. P. Nelis & Zoon’s is a company specialised in exporting tulips, Hyacinths, Narcissus, Muscari, Crocus, Amaryllis and Lilium.

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