Oreon’s water-cooled LED fixtures achieve an output of 4730 µmol/s

With the introduction of the new ‘Monarch High Efficiency’, Oreon takes another step forward in the combination of light output and energy efficiency. The latest
generation of the Monarch has an output of 4730 µmol/s at an efficacy of 3.8 µmol/J. At 50% dimming, the efficacy even increases to 4.0 µmol/J. In addition, all other Oreon fixtures are also taking a big step forward.

“As a result of ever-increasing energy prices, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important,” says CTO, Twan Mennink of Oreon. “We have always been at the forefront with our lighting. For 15 years now, the Oreon fixtures have also delivered the highest efficiency in addition to the highest output. This is due to the use of the best LEDs in combination with the water cooling. The output of LEDs decreases due to higher temperature.”

Water cooling offers growers a number of great advantages. The LEDs always remain cool, delivering a consistently high light output.

Growers want more light to provide a higher intensity on their crop, but preferably without more or larger fixtures—an issue that water-cooled fixtures can solve. The light output increases by almost 20% and the fixtures remain as small (and light) as ever. “The design is still satisfactory; you don’t have to change what is good”, says Mennink.

The result of the increased light output, together with the high efficiency, is that you need to illuminate for fewer hours or install far fewer lamps.

An additional advantage is the LED fixtures’ flexibility. By means of the Oreon LED Control Center, each lamp can be controlled individually or per group. Growers immediately realize huge savings through these options. They illuminate only when necessary and, in combination with sunlight, provide a constant amount of light. What’s more, they avoid times of the day when energy prices are high. All this leads to a very efficient lighting installation with great results.

With the rise in energy prices, more and more growers want to reuse the energy that is not directly converted into light. No matter how efficient a fixture is, approximately 30% is always converted into heat. You can extract the heat by opening windows, or you can reuse it in places where it’s needed most. If you do the latter, you save even more energy.

In the coming years, more and more growers will start reusing heat because they want to make more optimal use of energy purchased at high prices.

Oreon presents the latest generation of the ‘Dutch Powerhouse Monarch’ at the HortiContact trade fair. Visit booth G132 of Oreon from Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 February at the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem.

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