New look for Fleuroselect logo

VOORHOUT, Netherlands: Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plant industry, is reintroducing itself with a fresh, distinguished look.

Fleuroselect’s freshly revamped corporate identity consists of two fundamental elements: the globe and a styled flower. The organisation’s rebranding effort -using a rounded font in red and green –  ensures ít continues to stay fresh whilst keeping its core values at heart: knowledge of products and markets, reliability, and strong support and promotion for ornamental plant breeders worldwide.

The tagline The Heartbeat of the Flowering World underlines the value of greenery and the singular know-how and dynamic way of thinking among Fleuroselect’s adhering members.

Ann Jennen, Secretary General at Fleuroselect, is thrilled about the outcome, “Our new visual identity symbolises the notion that breeding is one of the driving forces of our industry. The logo uses our trusted colour palette and brings together two elements that are at the very core of our organisation: plants and our international scope. The slogan underlines that Fleuroselect members play an essential role in the pot and bedding industry.”

Along with the logo, the website, Gold Medal and Approved Novelty brand logos have also been updated to reflect the new logo.

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