New HTA report highlights how technology is shaping consumer behaviour

DIDCOT, UK: A new HTA Market Information report, published February 26, looks at how technology is shaping consumer behaviour, the supply chain and the future of garden retail.

Three quarters of all British adults (aged 16+) own a smartphone1. This includes 69% of 55-64 year olds, and this figure is predicted to rise to 95% by 20301 . An ‘on-the-go’ mindset and a dislike for delay means consumers want to carry out activities on their own terms, unconstrained by time or location. 43% British adults say they’ve accessed the internet on their mobile whilst travelling2.  More people are looking online as their first port of call for information, advice and purchases, with ‘Home and Garden’ categories seeing year on year growth of 13% in mobile searches in the last quarter of 20183.

Consumers are spending 3 hours a day on social media, where there is  an increase in ‘buy now’ and ‘learn more’ buttons appearing on these sites. It’s never been more important to ‘be’ where your customers are. Consumers are looking online for advice, and there are opportunities for the garden industry to position themselves here as the experts.

The new report explores the functionality of mobile apps and the availability of information online. It looks at voice search and auto-replenishment tools, using smart home assistants including Amazon’s Alexa and Siri. It highlights how the industry can compete with ‘Titan’ brands by using their non-titan credentials, and includes a focus on automation, both within the workplace and through the supply chain.

The report covers a range of areas where technology is likely to affect the garden market immediately and in the next few years, with considerations and steps and steps the industry can take to make sure their business stays as competitive as possible.

Josh McBain, Consultancy Director at Foresight Factory comments,  “The themes outlined in this report will help businesses explore how customer demand is changing and the sorts of competition that will be entering the market. For even innovations in far-off adjacent sectors can still shape what your customers want and expect. Indeed, an amazing service provided at one retailer raises the bar for retailers everywhere. Consequently, understanding and adapting to the changes on the horizon has never been more crucial. This report will give you the ability to start doing just that.”

This special feature on technology is now available free for HTA members to download from the HTA website, by logging in and then going to the Market Information pages at

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