New greenhouse complex for Schneider gets green light from council planners

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

RIDDERKERK, Netherlands: A new state-of-the-art greenhouse and cutting stick facility for Dutch based young plant producer Schneider was given the go-ahead by the Rabobank and the Altena’s council planner. Altena is a municipality, around 40kms east of Schneider current headquarters in Ridderkerk.

Greenhouse constructor KG Systems has already started preparations for what will become three and a half hectares of state-of-the-art greenhouse (gutter height 6 metres, bay span width 12.80), including a modern processing area hosting four automated cutting stickers (pictured). Schneider ensures that the new greenhouse complex will minimise its environmental footprint with measures including smart lighting, screening and cultivation techniques.

“We are much looking forward to our new location which will boast a number of sustainable innovations with the greenhouse complex divided in six different climate zones for young plant production. Production will be realised by SON-T lighting while trialing LED lights. Eventually we anticipate a hybrid HPS/LED lighting solution for the new premises,” said Schneider’s Gerrit Stam, adding that new facilities will rise from what is currently a derelict and abandoned chrysanthemum nursery. “The old property will be completely demolished to make room for a brand new complex.”

Efficient greenhouse design will allow Schneider to realise young plants production in the most energy-efficient way and with a minimum amount of pesticides and fertilizers. And this fits in perfectly with the company’s sustainability goals.

Schneider Altena is scheduled for completion in November this year. “This means we will need to roll up our sleeves,” said Stam.

For the occassion all employees were treated to cake with the Schneider logo on it.

Jacob and Rozemieke Schneider.

Artis impression of Schneider’s new premises in Woudrichem/Altena.

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