New editions of the Lists of Names of woody plants and perennials now available

ROELOFARENDSVEEN, Netherlands: Naktuinbouw, in association with the European Nursery stock Association (ENA) announce that the new editions (2021-2025) of the List of Names of woody plants and the List of Names of perennials are available again.

The lists contain more than 17,000 new names, including preferred names, synonyms and commercial names of almost 45,000 woody plants and 30,000 perennials. They feature the standardized names of the commercial range of nursery stock in Europe and the United States.

What’s new?

  • Addition of more than 17,000 new names (8,200 woody plants and 8,800 perennials).
  • Various taxonomic changes in names after consultation with trade and industry.
  • The status of protection by Plant Breeders’ rights has been added to around 4,000 cultivars.

The list of names of woody crops is supervised by the European Nursery stock Association (ENA), and that of perennials by the Internationale Stauden Union (ISU). This makes them the international reference lists in the nursery industry for determining the correct spelling and the preferred names of deciduous trees, conifers, fruit and perennials.

Since 2014, Naktuinbouw has taken care of the registration of names of arboriculture crops. The research station works closely with other registering and coding parties, in particular Varb and Floricode. The new names are mainly notified by growers, members of ENA and ISU and via the inspection system of Naktuinbouw.

In the Netherlands the lists can be ordered through  They can also be collected at Naktuinbouw in Roelofarendsveen. The List of Names of woody plants costs € 60, that of perennials € 50. The lists are also digitally available.

The database containing the names of woody crops and perennials can be consulted at

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