New Dutch research consortium launches to focus on pharmaceutical compounds of Cannabis sativa

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Agricultural research centre Vertify, consultancy firm Cultivators and the Dutch knowledge and innovation centre for international horticulture World Horti Center and several horticultural suppliers have established a new consortium to share research and expertise in a bid to map and explore the pharmaceutical compounds of Cannabis sativa.

The four-year ‘Cultivation For Compounds’ programme focuses on Cannabis growing for specific compounds. It is evident that the cannabis industry has a promising perspective for the horticultural industry and the consortium brings a wealth of experience to the global legal cannabis industry.

The programme has a very specific focus on the bio ingredients of Cannabis. Johan Kos: “We anticipate a future that is focused on steering on compounds over kilos.”

In May, Vertify planted the first Cannabis plants in their research greenhouse. All consortium partners ensure that the research takes place according to the highest standards and newest techniques available in the market. “We aim to gain further knowledge on cultivation Cannabis for compounds,” says Sonny Moerenhout from Cultivators.

Next to cultivation, there is a research focus on post-harvest techniques; the research greenhouse is equipped with a pruning machine and tray drying cabinets. This enables the consortium to investigate, steer and control from ‘seed to final product’ on compounds tested in the accredited laboratory.

World Horti Centre has begun work on a purpose-built pharmaceutical Cannabis pavilion which will open in September. Jim Koop of World Horti Center says, “At World Horti Center we will give insights into the broader Cannabis industry; the background story, the applications of the compounds, the cultivation, the players and their solutions. The Netherlands is already associated with Cannabis and the pavilion will disclose the high-tech industry that cannabis is.”

Exploring the history of hemp, one of the oldest plants to be cultivated by human civilisation – from the plant’s familial, uneasy relationship with marijuana and hashish to the valuable crop’s recent resurgence in countries such as the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Israel is an article written by Jaap Kras. This article was first published in the September/October 2020 FloraCulture International. 

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