MPS is gaining momentum in Turkey

The MPS certification scheme supports horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their efforts to operate more sustainably, writes Hanim Dur.

MPS offers growers a complete package to make quality and sustainability transparent, measurable, and demonstrable. To this end, MPS develops innovative certification standards and on and offline tools for sustainable production.

MPS started this journey 25 years ago “to show how the horticultural industry copes with crop protection”. Today, MPS is active in 52 countries including Turkey and considered a significant advocate for endorsing certification of sustainable production.

MPS helps the grower to produce in a more sustainable manner

A worldwide recognised monitoring tool

MPS-ABC certificate is a worldwide recognised monitoring tool that allows companies to push the right buttons to reduce their impact on the environment. Companies participating in the certification program receive feedback about their individual performances in every quarter. This checking allows them to keep on track for sustainable production and use their resources effectively. Visibility of MPS-ABC on the clock front, in the MPS TradePortal and on the products of certificate holders makes MPS-ABC certificate an effective marketing tool.

MPS-GAP is a certification scheme that covers traceability, environment, safety and hygiene. Holders of this certificate are assigned a GGN number visible in the MPS-Customer Portal and in the GLOBALG.A.P. database. Another useful addition to the MPS certification scheme is the MPS-Socially Qualified (SQ) certificate, which demonstrates that production happens in a socially responsible way.

Making Turkish floriculture more sustainable

As Europe is a growing market for Turkey and the demand for sustainably grown floriculture is increasing (and the standards required are becoming ever more stringent), there is growing interest in Turkey for sustainable production and a validated method of safeguarding standards. This is the reason for MPS to appoint coordinators in Turkey who can support growers in their own language. MPS coordinators in Turkey offer services such as providing information about the certification programmes, personal assistance in starting up and record-keeping processes, and guidance in all aspects of the certification schemes.

By providing these services, MPS helps the grower produce more sustainably and gains insight into the grower’s sustainable development. In this way, MPS contributes to making the Turkish floriculture sector more sustainable as a major stakeholder.

Inside the greenhouses of Newday Farms

Better control of costs

The first grower to receive MPS-ABC certificate in Turkey was Trendy Flowers in 2013. MPS witnesses a continuous growth of MPS customers in Turkey, not only for MPS-ABC, but also MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certificates. MPS clients in Turkey form a group of big and important growers, which are mainly exporting to Western Europe. Their production covers mostly cut flowers, but also includes potted plants, young plants, and nursery stock.

The owner and co-founder of Newday Farms Seval Öz says: “Sustainable production is important to our buyers and it is often a condition for delivery,” says the owner. In addition, the processes in the company have become a lot more efficient due to MPS-ABC, which means that Newday Farms has better control of costs. “What helped was MPS explaining the philosophy and purpose of MPS-ABC, so we make few mistakes. MPS also takes into account national regulations and we receive advice so that we can continue to grow in terms of sustainability.”


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