MPS-ABC certified bulb production area in the Netherlands expands to 10.500 ha

HILLEGOM, Netherlands: A growing number of Dutch bulb farmers are committed to boosting the area of their MPS-ABC certified bulb fields and reducing the use of crop protection products. By the end of June 2019, there were 2,000 bulb farmers operating on 10,500 ha of land dedicated to MPS-ABC certified flower bulb production.

This compares with an area of 8500 ha in 2018. The rapid expansion in production doesn’t always keep pace with demand with specific retail customers asking for a 100% certified products. Overall, sales of environmentally grown bulbs is increasing at a somewhat slower pace than supply.

Sector body Anthos anticipates further expansion of MPS-ABC bulb farming to an expected 11,000 ha of certified bulb production within a few months. Certifying body MPS has hired extra staff to process applications in due course.

Industry association Platform for Sustainable Trade in Flower Bulbs and Perennials is delighted that so many growers are seeing the benefits and importance of certification. Ultimately the Platform’s goal is to have 100% of bulb production area certified by 2024.

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