Modiform launches Root Barrier system

LEUSDEN, Netherlands: Modiform, a company that develops and produces growing, transport and packaging systems for the horticultural sector today announced the launch of Root Barrier that is said to reduce root sticking by applying a protective layer to the tray.

Modiform says Root Barrier makes transplanting of more mature and stronger plants possible with less damage and rejects. Matthijs Plas, Salesmanager Propagation Modiform; “With Root Barrier increased flexibility and efficiency is created in the production process. As plants can stay in the trays longer, growers can transplant when it suits them.”

Root Barrier technology has already proven itself in other markets. Hans Koolhaas, Director Technology LKP Plants: “After eight years of testing we are proud to have found a solution that drastically reduces root sticking and can now apply this technology in our industry.” Because the material applied is inert there is no effect on water quality and thus the growth of the plants; the root quality is preserved. Besides this Root Barrier also leaves no residue in the drain water. The protective layer can be applied to all types of Modiform trays. The reduced rejection of plants also results in less labour hours and costs.  Koolhaas encourages growers to trial Root Barrier and compare the results to their current trays.

A Modiform tray with Root Barrier is fully recyclable. As a result of less rejection of plants the environmental impact is also reduced. Together with our customers and chain partners we give every day recycled material a new life. Root Barrier has been developed in cooperation with LKP Plants and Van Tuijl and available at Modiform and its dealers.

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