MNP / Suntory highlights its new brand identity in 90 seconds

LEIMUIDERBURG, Netherlands: Breeding company MNP / Suntory uses a 90-second video to highlight its new brand identity.

Dutch-based MNP / Suntory is re-introducing itself with a fresh, distinguished look; according to comms manager Erwin Giezen, there’s enough reason to do so.

“If we look back at our unique heritage which started as Moerheim in 1888 we have already been pioneers in marketing its products since then. Now, almost 135 years later our passion is still to give the world unique and high-quality indoor and outdoor plants which make the modern consumer happy and the world more colourful, as we highlight in the video. Besides that, we always want to create new markets, instead of supplementing existing ones.”

Giezen says the company’s new, ‘the plant pioneers’ tagline embodies the company’s visionary and entrepreneurial spirit. “The coming years will be approached with a new awareness and a proud and outspoken communicative attitude: our new motto is to stay critical and modest but talk more often about milestones and successes achieved.”

MNP / Suntory embarked on a new ‘house of brands’ strategy putting power brands such as Surfinia®, Sundaville®, Granvia®, Princettia®, Surdiva®, Senetti® and Beedance® under one roof.

“Having a strong brand identity allows us to be more recognisable and visible across the entire supply chain and its stakeholders. We updated our communication strategy (, targeting propagators and growers, exporters, wholesalers, (online) retailers, and even end- consumers. Eventually, we can market our future genetics faster and more efficiently.” says Giezen.

Watch the video HERE 

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