Mayesh Wholesale adds Luxe Blooms for the cream of the ornamental crop

Mayesh, one of the USA’s leading wholesale distributors of cut flowers, has added a Luxe Blooms showcase for the cream of the ornamental crop.

Signature flowers from Holland help Mayesh to differentiate their brand. Meanwhile, the Luxe Blooms line is a way for Dutch growers to anticipate fulfillment needs and exceed the expectations of Mayesh and their customers.

American high-end florists and event planners talk a lot about Dutch flowers. But they never had a focal point to bring together the absolute best of the ‘Flowers from Holland’. That is, until now. The Luxe Blooms/Flowers from Holland specialty section at the 17 Mayesh locations in the continental US offers luxury blooms that will make every day shine.

Over the years, Patrick Dahlson has developed a soft spot for Dutch flowers. “The Dutch have always produced excellent quality flowers. Lately, there has been more specialization with growers focusing on one crop that they are extremely passionate about. I believe high-end cut flowers are like wine;  there is a market for more beautiful and therefore more expensive flowers.”

The Luxe Blooms display comes alive with flowers that wow. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our clients expect us to be ahead of the curve. We bring them flowers of superior quality and the newest varieties to stoke their floral passions. For our discerning clientele the best of the best can be a very important selling point differentiation. It gives us a competitive edge.”

Mayesh uses cross-media marketing. “We plan on creating a link on our website to the sites of the growers we are working with. It’s their personal stories that help make the connections. We’ve also posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram in addition to some videos.”

Henriette Brinkman business developer at Royal FloraHolland stresses the ties that bind. “Mayesh indicated one of the auction-based exporters whom they wanted to involve in this experiment.  The auction facilitated efforts between the growers, Mayesh and the exporter. Giving specific attention to this niche market might also encourage other exporters to broaden their market share in this US market segment.”

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