Marcel Pennnings joins Holex Flower

Dutch based Holex Flower, a leading importer and exporter of fresh cut flowers, is delighted to announce that Marcel Pennings will join the company as its new Manager Procurement and Global Sourcing.

Pennings will further optimise the service- and quality requirements that Holex Flower sets itself every day.

Pennings and Holex are not strangers to each other as Pennings already worked for the company between 1997 and 2004. Attracted by Holex’ company culture, its values, beliefs and practices he now is returning to his former employer.

As Pennings puts it, “To be able to offer the best possible quality and service, it is essential to build partnerships – with customers and suppliers – that are durable and personal. That means buying at the source, preferably packaged there as well, direct and short communications, and knowing what the desires of our partners are. In that way, we can not only better tune in to the needs of the market, but we’ll also be able to constantly prove that we are the appropriate party to fulfil those needs.”

In his role as Manager Procurement and Global Sourcing, Pennings will first of all deal with managing the purchasing department. He will also be committed to the further optimisation of direct trade flows from around the world to the departments in Aalsmeer, Miami, and Shanghai. With that, 2020 will mark the next step in Holex’s strategy to facilitate the sourcing of flowers from the best growers everywhere around the world, and guarantee the best possible quality.

2019 has been a very successful year for Holex Flower, with a record revenue of €77 million in the Netherlands and €10 million for the department in Miami.

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