Luxury key in Fiori’s rapid rise to prominence

KIEV, Ukraine: Fiori was started in 2009 to revolutionise the shopping experience in the Ukraine’s floral industry. The company has been operating in the luxury segment for over 10 years and is available as a floristry franchise.

Fiori believes that it sells experience and that’s why everything that fills Fiori boutique in any country of the world corresponds to the luxury class: the atmosphere, design, service, quality of goods, and Fiori bouquets are an attribute of prestige and status.

Franchise requests began to enter the company  a couple of years after its foundation, but when you create a business as an art, this determines the approach: perfectionism and experience. It took 10 years before Fiori made the decision to officially enter the franchising market, without disregarding any detail.

Now the company works in Ukraine, Austria, Kazakhstan, being the main industry newsmaker for world gloss and collaborates with legendary international brands. Each point of the franchise is thought out to the smallest detail, like everything on which the company puts its name.

The unique properties of the Fiori franchise are the main components of this business model, we list only a few of them:

  • Creative approach, due to the strongest team that develops trends: collections of bouquets are produced in the same way as in the leading fashion houses in the world, twice a year.
  • Innovative marketing: from a marketing strategy adapted to the peculiarities of the region to full access to the photo bank and Fiori brand texts, including celebrity marketing – the company’s strategy for high-profile events.
  • Creating a designer boutique, from the choice of location and design to the atmosphere.

The main resource and the main value of the company is the team. Fiori make a breakthrough here too, giving the status of “Flower Artist” to “a florist”. And, on the eve of the expansion of the geography of the network of boutiques, the company is constantly looking for creative talents. Very soon, the opening of the Fiori boutique in Cyprus: high art knows no framework or borders.

Photo credit: Luc Narolles La Quotidienne, Fiori Ukraine.

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