Laurica Plants

JABBEKE, Belgium: When you are Europe’s leading Bay Tree grower you cannot afford to have issues with weed suppression in your nursery. Having previously used cocoa and bark without total success, Laurica Plants needed a solution to this issue.

They were introduced to a series of products manufactured by Israel based Frizweed. Elie Devisch takes up the story. “ We started to work with the Frizweed products because the previous materials weren’t adequate for us. In addition, the government in Belgium are requesting we use more environmentally friendly products.”

Two Year Shelf Life

“The products we have from Frizweed were first tested for one year and the results were very good. So we have now increased the quantity of our order for the FrizDisc product and are very happy with the way it works within our large scale tree production. The ‘shelf life’ of the product is also a big advantage, lasting two years and with a substantial saving on cost!”

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