Latest 365 days of flowers issue rolls of the presses

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

DEN BOSCH, Netherlands: The ‘Celebration’ themed Autumn issue of 365 days of flowers is out now. It is packed with inspirational floral design, exciting new ideas and expert advice.

The biannual magazine, which has a circulation of 20,000 copies is part of the 365 days of flowers campaign that launched in 2015.

The magazine’s purpose is to provide florists inspiration and selling tips for seasonal flowers. Publisher Concept Factory says the printed version of the magazine has undergone a major overhaul with more in-depth stories and themed issues which will be published twice a year (April and October).

The digital seasonal magazine is planned to go online in February, June, September and November.

The 365 days of flowers campaign is an initiative of Dutch flower growers who sell their products through Royal FloraHolland.

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