Kwekerij Van Winden in Erica expands operation to meet rising demand in Zamioculcas

ERICA, Netherlands: Dutch-based plant grower Kwekerij van Winden has added growing space to its operation while a new conveyor and shipping system makes automation even more functional.

Van Winden is a leading grower of Zamioculcas zamifolia in pot sizes 14, 17 and 21cm, available in different premium and quality ranges.

Zamioculcas makes the perfect houseplant because it is easy to care for. The houseplant’s most outstanding features include leathery leaves in dark green that rise from a thickened petiole at the base.

The houseplant market is flourishing, and the trend for decorating homes with greenery isn’t going away any time soon, although consumers are tightening their purse strings which will undoubtedly impact floral purchases.

At the same time, demand for beefier  Zamioculcas plants continues to grow. The expansion of Kwekerij Van Winden – by purchasing and renovating several greenhouses in Erica – will increase the production of premium Zamioculcas. More room means more time for each plant to mature and to grow into plants with thicker and more leaves or – as the Dutch call them – feathers.

Kwekerij van Winden also invested in a new conveyor and shipping system at its primary production site. This new WPS technology allows for optimal routing and sorting of plants. Based in De Lier, WPS is a specialist in automation solutions for the potted plant industry. WPS makes tailor-made systems for every phase of cultivation, from potting and spacing to shipping.

Kwekerij van Winden sells the plants it grows under the brand name Royal Green, which stands for quality plants with a unique shape, and extended shelf life. Products such as Curio Mount Everest, Curio Blues, Echeveria Devotion, Zamioculcas Raven and Zamioculcas Emerald Palm find their way across Europe and are recognisable thanks to their Royal Green packaging.

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