KP Holland starts implementing Mprise Agriware

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

NAALDWIJK, Netherlands: Dutch-based potted plant grower, KP Holland from Naaldwijk, has a new ERP system that will allow the company to improve space planning, registration at the workplace and order processing.

KP Holland is a multi-faceted company dedicated to growing, propagating, and breeding of potted plants. The company’s young plant department will be the first to implement Mprise Agriware’s new software.

Roy van der Knaap, Technical Manager at KP Holland comments, “We started by learning more about the key features of an ERP system and sorted through the possible issues before launching into implementation. We need to streamline existing processes first and therefore established a project group with key users from the purchasing, sales, production, and finance departments. A fixed project day during the week ensures progress. For us, short and long term possibilities in combination with reference companies of Mprise Agriware, were crucial making the choice. The goal is to complete the system this year, so we can start using it to the fullest in the new growing season.”

Silva Visser, project manager at Mprise Agriware, is confident the project will be successful.  She says,  “The approach with our Sure Step method gives us a grip. We have already started, to be a few steps ahead in the post coronavirus era. Our consultants will start with the sales department in a small setting. For a good follow up, we keep the coherence of the processes in line with the Business Control Model. Involvement of all project group members is essential.”

Technical consultant Tom de Ree sees excellent opportunities for optimisation. “The main reason for KP Holland to choose Mprise Agriware is the way in which we can base the required purchase per period on the expected/estimated sales, through article availability. Also, centralising data and information, having an overview and switching from separate systems to a single system where the information is leading. It is great to help them with these improvements.”

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