Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products launch next-generation Nygaia substrate

Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products have jointly developed a promising fibre from biodegradable and biobased raw materials with suitable properties for intensive, sustainable cultivation. And it is called: Nygaia.

Finding the perfect balance between performance and sustainability was difficult; a substrate must facilitate plant growth by providing good water-holding capacity and sufficient stability. Achieving this by using environmentally friendly and renewable materials comes with its challenges.

Raymond van Ispelen, the Product Specialist at Klasmann-Deilmann, says: “For several years now, we have been working on a remarkable biodegradable substrate. A concept in which the total impact of the product is key. We succeeded in producing a working prototype, which we are now testing. Nygaia fibers break down completely under the right conditions. Zero waste, in other words. And it consists of more than 60 per cent natural raw materials. The fiber is inert and contains no nutritional value of its own. In addition, it provides good root support. We have been testing the product ourselves for quite some time and are amazed by the results we are achieving.”

The goal is to supply a semi-finished product and the automation to produce fresh substrate fibre locally (e.g. by the grower himself). This would give the grower more control and reduce the number of transport movements by a factor of 40 (!).

Last week, H.M. Queen Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, visited Maan Biobased Products.

At the forthcoming GreenTech show in June, the companies hope to introduce the Nygaia substrate to a broad (horticultural) audience.

Nygaia was co-funded by the European Union under the ERDF Programme, East Netherlands (European Regional Development Goals).

For more information, visit: www.nygaia.com

You can read more about Nygaia on the website www.future-of-cultivation.com or via the social media channels LinkedIn.com/Nygaia and Instagram.com/Nygaia. They are happy for you to connect and to give you an insight into their development process and progress.

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