Join the 71st AIPH Congress & World Summit in China

The AIPH-approved ‘Expo 2019 Beijing’ is in full swing. The world’s largest expo of its kind has attracted millions of visitors from around the world. So where better to host the 71st AIPH Annual Congress, this September, than alongside it in China’s capital city. Unique to this year’s programme, is the World Ornamental Horticulture Summit.

The programme for the 71st AIPH Annual Congress (9 – 14 September) includes; the AIPH Expo Conference, the AIPH International Green City Conference, the AIPH General Meeting and a series of professional and cultural visits. Unique to this year’s programme, however, is the World Ornamental Horticulture Summit. Running from 11 – 13 September, this event offers a unique opportunity for developing knowledge of Chinese trade and markets and understanding complex international issues. Among the latter, plant breeding and PBR protection will feature as major topics.

The AIPH Expo Conference

With a mandate agreed by international convention, AIPH has been approving and regulating international horticultural expos since 1960. The AIPH Expo Conference is attended by AIPH approved expo organisers to report on progress and share knowledge and best practices for the development of world-class horticultural events around the globe.

The AIPH International Green City Conference

The AIPH International Green City Conference highlights the important role of plants and flowers and provides an opportunity for global thinking on the successful integration of nature into the built environment. The conference invites key decision makers, city planners, landscape architects and horticulturalists to share ideas, best practice and knowledge on the challenges, benefits and practical implementation of urban greening.

The World Ornamental Horticulture Summit

Taking place for the very first time in China, the World Ornamental Horticulture Summit is this year’s premier event for the global ornamental horticulture industry. The speaker programme includes leading industry figures such as Biense Visser (CEO Dümmen Orange), Edgar Krieger, (Secretary General, CIOPORA) and Marco van Zijverden (CEO, Dutch Flower Group). The summit is aimed at international growers, associations, government bodies, representatives from the landscape and afforestation industry, academics and experts from around the world. This event is organised in partnership with AIPH member the China Flower Association (CFA) and China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Expo 2019 Beijing

The AIPH Congress includes a visit to the AIPH approved A1 expo. The impressive 503-hectare park includes over 110 international participants and four main pavilions for hosting themed days and events.

Information and Booking:

The 71st AIPH Annual Congress and World Ornamental Horticulture Summit provide invaluable opportunities for professional development and engagement with industry colleagues from around the world. To find out more or to book, visit:



Monday 9 September:

AIPH Expo Conference

AIPH General Meeting

Tuesday 10 September:

Visits to Expo 2019 Beijing and the Great Wall

Wednesday 11 September:

The World Ornamental Horticulture Summit Opens

The AIPH International Green City Conference

Thursday 12 September:

The World Ornamental Horticulture Summit: Plant Breeding and PBR Protection

Friday 13 September:

The World Ornamental Horticulture Summit: Understanding the Chinese Market

Visits to Beijing flower enterprises and markets.


71st AIPH Congress Sponsor:  PERA Event



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