It’s not only about the tech, healthy crops will also attract their fair share of attention at GreenTech

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Anticipating the impact of global health and food trends, the forthcoming GreenTech show (Amsterdam June 11-13) will show attendees how to create the perfect greenhouse conditions for new crops such as vanilla, curcuma, black pepper and medicinal cannabis.

The largest and most progressive growers of fruit, flowers, vegetables and medicinal cannabis from all over the world come together at the trade show and share their practices and knowledge.

The overall health trend and the demand of consumers for new and exotic crops create opportunities but also challenges for the horticulture. A number of scientists are calling for action when it comes to our food system. Vitamins and minerals become more and more important. These changing views create promising opportunities in the coming years for the horticulture. GreenTech’s mission is to contribute to good nutrition and wellbeing. With several knowledge sessions surround these themes and pavilions with new crops, GreenTech is a platform of horticulture technologies and innovation.

Filip Noort, Crop specialist at Wageningen University and Research, will discuss the topic “Vanilla in a Greenhouse, a new chance?”. He will provide insights into greenhouse production of vanilla, the opportunities and challenges but also the relevant lessons learned from investors. Noort: “Vanilla is a special crop to work with – because growing, flowering, developing and curing will take a lot of time – but for pollination you won’t get a lot of time”. Noort will explain how this process works.

Curcuma and black pepper: How do you deal with these crops that actually occur in Africa, Asia and South America? Eight partners (Hudson River Biotechnology, Phytonext, Royal Euroma, Verstegen Spices and Sauces, farmers’ organisation STOL, Greenhouse farming Bergerden, Van Hall Larenstein and the municipality of Lingewaard) started recently a collaboration for a new project: NEXTgarden Ingredient Farm. This project has the aim to innovate the knowledge of the crops curcuma and black pepper. Jan Taks, Chairman of the Board of Sustainable Energy Cooperative Dommelstroom & Acquisitor Agribusiness Lingewaard, will discuss “NEXTgarden Ingredient Farm: Curcuma, from East Asia to Oost NL”. The availability, quality and authenticity of spices from Africa, Asia and South America are an issue in the spice sector. How can we grow these in the Netherlands ourselves? Taks: “Domestic cultivation can bring many benefits in terms of sustainability, logistics, availability and costs.”

Another trend in the world of horticulture is the cultivation of medical cannabis. When touching on the subject a lot of questions pop-up. Therefor knowledge sessions are organised surround this new crop and also one of the exhibitors pavilions is dedicated to this theme. Juriën Koster, Vice President International Relations at Ofinext, says: ‘’Medicinal cannabis has enormous potential but we are at the very beginning of understanding the medicinal value of cannabis. Professionalization of the (medicinal) cannabis industry has just begun and the next years will decide who will remain and who will phase out”. He will be moderating the programmes on 12 and 13 June which discusses the medicinal cannabis market with the theme ‘Market data and financial overview of the legal cannabis industry’.

Timetable knowledge programme

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Free registration for GreenTech until 3 June

Visitors can register free of charge until 3 June on the website. After 3 June the online registration fee will be €40 including VAT per person, and €70 including VAT at the entrance desk.

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