Italy reports gardening trend is blooming globally

Milan, ITALY: Myplant, an important professional trade fair for the gardening industry in Italy, confirms the steady growth of Italian gardening.

Flowers and plants and electrical equipment, compost, irrigation systems, products for the care of plants, pots and vases have all increased their sales numbers. Myplant organisers can confirm that the Italian gardening industry is ‘blooming’ healthy by comparing data from several international leaders in consumer buying market research*.

Gardening-related sales on a global level were over 88 billion USD in 2015, growing to a staggering 100 billion USD in 2020 (there is a variable difference between reports of 104 and 106, according to different institutes).

Half of the reported gardening sales are accounted for in Europe. Compared to the last snapshot of market data shared by Myplant in November 2019 – which had recorded a record value of 2,850 million euros – the gardening growth trend has not stopped. In 2021 in Italy, an unprecedented sum of 3 billion euros (up by 150 million euros in two years) was recorded.

Gardening tools, electric- and battery-powered lawnmowers, equipment and irrigation systems are among the products that sell more, side by side to plants, especially indoor plants. New building trends, research for wellbeing, a healthier environment and new hobbies are among the drivers of this market, which has become very popular on an urban level during 2020.

In the urban context, there was an increase in the purchase of furniture, decoration and lighting systems for outdoor areas (gardens, decks and balconies), which are now seen as an extension of the indoor living area. Among the various trends, according to Italian press agency Ansa, indoor gardening of mini-vegetables has increased by 22 per cent in 2020 when compared to the previous year.

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