ISHS announces XXVII International Eucarpia conference on ornamental horticulture

‘From Nature to Culture; breeding ornamentals for sustainability’ is the theme of the 27th ISHS Eucarpia conference on ornamental horticulture, which will take place between 17-20 June 2023 at the Albergo dei Poveri building of the University of Genoa, Italy.

The scientific programme includes five sessions covering biodiversity and access to genetic resources, strategies for breeding and selection of new sustainable ornamentals, new genomic techniques and ornamental plant breeding, morphogenesis (flower development and breeding), and the contribution of the breeder to sustainability in the ornamentals sector.

So far, Rodrigo Barba-Gonzalez, biologist (PhD), and senior researcher at the Plant Biotechnology Department of the Centre for Research and Assistance in Technology and Design of the State of Jalisco (Mexico), Ciopora’s Secretary-General Edgar Krieger, and Flavio Sapia, nephew of the famed carnation breeder Giacomo Nobbio, have been announced as key notes.

There are strong ties between Genoa and ornamental horticultural; the city is famed for hosting the Euroflora flower show with its most recent edition taking place in April last year.

During the four-day event, scientists from different countries will review current research trends, present new discoveries and make plans for future research and special projects.

For the preliminary programme click HERE

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