IPM ESSEN’s Discovery Centre to host the unsung heroes of the industry

ESSEN, Germany: Meet the flower industry’s unsung heroes at IPM ESSEN’s Discovery Centre that will gather fashion designers, floral arrangers, trend spotters, futurists, garden retailers and floral wholesalers presenting their most creative marketing ideas.

In 2020, the Discovery Centre will move to the completely refurbished Hall 7 and focus on new findings and ideas for the successful marketing of horticultural products and services.

Dutch TV celebrity, trend watcher and garden stylist Romeo Sommers will be responsible for creative idea generation and implementation. Sommers told FCI that the IPM Discovery Center will be a showcase, communication area, think tank and hall of fame under one roof. We will present exhibitors and their products as “heroes”. After all, the horticultural industry launches innovative products and concepts every year, and it can quite rightly be proud of that. Our aim is to be a USP. We want to make visible what it is that companies in the horticultural industry stand for. We present the visitors to the Discovery Centre with selected “heroes” in the form of businesses, products and solutions. A special green plant, for example, gets labelled as a “green hero”, environmentally friendly packaging material is labelled “recycling hero”, or a young company can take part as a “start-up hero”.”

For more information and registration visit www.ipm-essen.de

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