Implantex AG changes its name into Florensis Schweiz AG

HENDRIK-IDO-AMBACHT, Netherlands: Swiss young plant, seed and semi-finished plants supplier Implantex AG will now be called Florensis Schweiz AG. The new name is related to Florensis taking a majority stake in the Swiss firm.

According to Florensis CEO Hoogendoorn, the name change is being made “for formal reasons” with the aim of being uniformly seen and recognised under the brand name Florensis in the European market in the future.

Since 1997 Implantex has been one of the most important suppliers of young plants, seeds, semi-finished products and propagation materials to Swiss producers of bedding and balcony plants, biennials, perennials, potted plants and cut flowers. Implantex has been working with the leading European and Swiss young plant producers for years. Florensis recently acquired a majority stake in Implantex.

Hoogendoorn and Bucher paid tribute to the founders of Implantex as well as their colleagues, who “have given Implantex such an excellent name in Switzerland over the last 22 years.” They also thanked their customers for “loyalty to the Implantex brand and team over many years”.

“In daily practice, nothing will change for our customers and suppliers in terms of business operations”, Thomas Bucher mentioned. “There will be no change to our working method, no change to our contact persons, not even to the phone numbers. Only our internet presence, and consequently the e-mail addresses, will change.

Bucher announced that in terms of branding, the new internet presence of Florensis Schweiz will be identical to the successful Florensis webshop concept. The former Implantex pages were initially linked to the Florensis web shop as an interim step and, following an appropriate transitional phase, removed from the web.

In the view of Hoogendoorn and Bucher, the “change of name with such little effort once again underlines the successful partnership and Europe-wide strength of the Florensis brand.”

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