2018 IFTF show to focus again on life style flowers

Florists and other visitors who paid a visit to the IFTF and The World of Flowers last November have seen a number of home lifestyles decorated with flowers and plants. This part of the World of Flowers had so much positive attention, that it will return as ‘Inspiration Zone’ in the World of Flowers 2018. This will be the fifth edition of the World of Flowers on the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF, 7-9 November, Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands) and will focus again on the main trends and topics for the florist.

In the World of Trends 2017 the trends senses, colour and shape have been translated in practical examples. The combination of lifestyle, accessories and beautiful green products resulted in valuable experiences for both visitors and partners in the World of Flowers. Four trends based on the central theme “Earth Awareness – Colours of Nature were exhibited: Earth (raw elements), Green (forest embrace), Fire (nature’s fury) and Future (hope & purity).

Green Team Consultancy+ has started the preparation for the 5th edition of the World of Flowers, among others by visiting fairs like Trendz and Christmasworld. Preparations in close cooperation with Mignon Kievit (Mettodesign), who with her expertise will create a splendid World of Trends again.

“A lot of our trends could be found in Frankfurt (Christmasworld 2018). The colour combinations of blue-grey, peach and clay (Earth), mixed with accents of black and metal (Fire) were a chique translation to lifestyle, which is especially embraced by the younger generation!”, Mignon explains: “So we found a lot of inspiration for the World of Trends coming November!”

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