IBMA welcomes the European Commission’s new rules for micro-organisms aka microbials

BRUSSELS, Belgium: IBMA, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association,  welcomes the European Commission adoption of the new rules for micro-organisms (also known as microbials) used in plant protection products.

IBMA appreciates that the weight of evidence approach can replace the systematic use of animal studies to address toxicity and pathogenicity end points. The association underlines that “biology and ecology are considered the basis for the risk assessment decisions, which is a key adaptation for effective microbial risk assessment.”

The revised Data Requirements are a crucial part of the Farm to Fork strategy implementation but alone cannot speed up the delivery of micro-organisms/microbials to the farmers.

Which is why IMBA iterates that the authorisation process of 1107/2009 needs to be implemented in a way that allows authorisation and placing on the market in Member States within 1-3 years of initial submission as seen for biocontrol in other countries such as USA and Brazil.  Timescales for a product to reach the market following submission in the European Union range from 4 years to 10 years.

IBMA are proud to be co-founders and co-organisers of the premier annual biocontrol industry conference ABIM – Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting – to be held in Basel between 24-26 October 2022. For more information visit

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