I♥U becomes the industry’s sweetheart with a hipster pot carnation

STUTTGART, Germany: When Selecta One published its 2020 carnation catalogue in March, the ornamental plant breeder from Germany attracted the attention with one specific feature article, including stunning close-ups of flowers and some compelling copy about their latest pot carnation, whose name back then was still a secret. Selecta One is now happy to share the full story behind Dianthus I♥U, which is much more than a simple pot carnation.

The new variety features double flowers with delicate, wavy edges that change their appearance and colour during growth from pink, to a lighter pink and finally to white.

This variety also has compact growth and a rounded appearance. And it isn’t just the appearance of the variety that is surprising and delightful, but also its name and concept.

I♥U – the abbreviation for the universal love message “I love you” – initially suggests a lovely romantic context. For the newly developed I♥U marketing concept, bright graffiti against the background of an ‘exploding’ flower represents an urban lifestyle – young, hip and the embodiment of a modern token of love.

As with previous signature varieties, the I♥U marketing concept will be implemented on all POS materials – from printed pots and labels to posters and banners as well as advertising support in offline and online media.

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