Hydrangea happiness in Russia

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia: Nobody celebrates Summer like the Russians! Dutch Hydrangeas, one of the hallmarks of summer, joined the party.

This year, Dutch Hydrangeas heralded the Summer at Marino Manor, the country retreat of the Stroganoff-Golitsyn family in Andrianovo village (south-east of Saint Petersburg), which is considered to be one of the most magnificent palaces of 19th century Russia.

Dutch Hydrangeas are growing increasingly popular with Russian consumers. But this versatile bloom is also stealing the spotlight at weddings and events across the country.

To inspire event planners, consumer press, florists, socialites and social media influencers, the Dutch Hydrangea industry threw the perfect Hydrangea bash on 11 – 14 June at Marino Manor. For the occasion the Dutch Hydrangea professionals teamed up with Natasja  Mironova owner and director of marketing agency Sobolj, Galina Stepanova (the lady of Marino House), floral wholesaler 7Flowers and floral artists Vladimir en Alexandr Bermjakovy, who created hydrangea hats for model Ekaterina Melnik, and table top decors and centrepieces for the palace’s majestic rooms.

Charged with branding Hydrangeas is Hydrangea World, a Dutch co-operation of breeders, propagators and Hydrangea growers who market their flowers through Royal FloraHolland. To reach this goal they are utilising practical know-how, market research and innovative thinking. The project embraces all aspects of marketing including product photography, floral arrangements, advertising and POS to present a showy image of the Hydrangea. For more information visit: www.hydrangeaworld.com

To find out more about the Hydrangea event at Marino House watch the video

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