Hydrangea grower Sjaak van Schie celebrates early start of Spring with new brand identity and cool new varieties

MAASDIJK, Netherlands: Spring is off to an early start with above-average temperatures in much of the Netherlands – and to celebrate this, Hydrangea grower Sjaak van Schie reveals a new brand identity, cool new varieties, and marketing concepts to mark the start of the Hydrangea season.

Hydrangea in a seagrass basket.

Sjaak van Schie’s rebranding effort ensures that the company continues to stay fresh whilst keeping its core values at heart: knowledge of propagation, markets, reliability, eco-consciousness and good customer service through the delivery of tailored solutions that meet individual needs.

Innovation is at the heart of the company, which collaborates with the world’s best Hydrangea breeders. The news of the moment is Hi Ocean and Hi Moon, two new varieties that feature spectacular colours. Hi Moon produces masses of white mop head flowers edged with pink to red. Hi Ocean’s flower heads are composed of huge cobalt blue florets.

Sjaak van Schie also specialises in bespoke added value items. The company’s Hype Creations brand includes varieties for indoor use. Hydrangea Double Dutch or Avantgarde, for example, come in a seagrass basket. Both varieties look astonishing. The use of sustainably produced seagrass baskets underlines the company’s commitment to the planet.

Hydrangea Hi Ocean.

MPS-certified Sjaak van Schie B.V. runs plant nurseries in the Netherlands and Portugal. In Maasdijk, Netherlands, the company produces around 3 million Hydrangeas in the open. The 30 ha site in Portugal serves as a cutting farm and production location for half-finished and finished plants.

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