HTA urges newly-elected UK Prime Minister Johnson to keep sustainability a priority for his Government

DIDCOT, UK: The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), the trade association for the UK garden industry greeted Boris Johnson’s election as the country’s new Prime Minister by urging him to keep sustainability and climate change a high priority for his Government.  There was no specific reference to Johnson’s threatened no-deal Brexit.

Commenting on the election of Boris Johnson MP, as the new leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, James Clark, Director of Policy and Communications at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) said, “The HTA congratulates Boris Johnson on his election as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The ornamental horticulture sector supports around 568,000 jobs across the country and makes an estimated £24.2bn contribution to national GDP.”

Clark added that HTA stands ready to engage with the Prime Minister and his team to promote and support this exciting and innovative sector.

“Having a strong and vibrant horticultural industry is essential to underwriting the Government’s 25 year Environment Plan, its biosecurity ambitions and to help mitigate the fundamental concerns of climate change. During his time as London Mayor Mr Johnson has shown himself to be an advocate of green spaces and the positive impact plants have on our well-being. We urge the new Prime Minister to continue to keep sustainability and climate change as a high priority for his Government and look forward to working with him to make Britain a greener nation.”

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