HTA publishes UK garden market sizing report

DIDCOT, UK: Did you know that ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK made an estimated £24.2billion contribution to national GDP in 2017?  In addition, around 568,700 jobs were supported – which is the equivalent to 1 in every 62 jobs.

The latest HTA Market Update Insight Edition focuses on the size of the UK ornamental horticulture industry. This edition looks at this spend in depth, breaking it down across categories, sales channels and demographics of those active in the market.

The report also summarises the recent Oxford Economics industry sizing report, showing that proximity and access to green space and natural features adds an estimated £131 billion to the value of UK houses. It’s estimated that UK households spent around £7.5billion on garden goods in 2017. Spend on garden goods is equivalent to £1 in every £100 of household spending. Meanwhile, UK households spent around £2.4billion on the services of gardeners and landscapers in 2017.

Life stage, affluence and house type heavily influence the amount and mix of spending on gardens. The HTA has developed a consumer segmentation model which categorises the different wants, needs and spending levels of different consumers. Some consumer segments spend more than double the national average per household, meaning ranges and promotions can be targeted.

Martin Simmons, HTA Director of membership comments “The UK garden retail market has experienced steady growth over the last 8 years. Spend on seeds, bulbs, plants and trees has grown, and new technology has helped to drive spend on tools. Younger consumers are more likely to be influenced by family and friends or take inspiration from social media and other online sources. Meanwhile older consumers tend to go to the ‘expert’, watching gardening TV programmes and talking to staff or observing displays in garden centres or parks.”

The report is available free for members to download from the HTA website, where they can log in, and then go to the Market Update area of the Market Information pages at

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