Horti Tech Innovation Centre to debut at IPM Essen 2023

Modern technology can be an instrument to make horticultural production fit for the future. With this in mind show organiser Messe Essen has announced the Horti Tech Innovation Centre which is to debut at the IPM Essen 2023 show.

After the latest IPM ESSEN advisory board meeting, the participants agreed: horticulture is facing major challenges. In addition to the shortage of skilled workers and climate change, the energy crisis is a particular concern for the green sector.

IPM ESSEN will therefore focus on the technology sector from 24 to 27 January 2023. The new Horticultural Technology Innovation Centre will celebrate its premiere in Hall 4.

“We are tackling the challenges of the industry together. The best opportunity for this is the next IPM ESSEN. At the beginning of the year, it will be the trend-setting platform for the green sector, where our topics will be discussed expansively and innovations will be presented”, says Eva Kähler-Theuerkauf, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board and President of the North Rhine-Westphalia Horticultural Association.

Companies and start-ups, as well as research and science, will present their products and services in a feature area in Hall 4. In addition, panel discussions and keynote lectures will encourage knowledge exchange and provide information on the current state of science.

What possibilities horticulture is already successfully using for sustainable and energy-saving production will also be the subject of the educational show in the Horticulture Infocentre in Green City. The motto is “Gardeners can do it! – Conserving resources and producing sustainably”.

What are the trees of the future? Which plants are tolerant of heat, drought, heavy rain and storms? Climate change is also making itself felt in urban green spaces. Green space authorities and planners want to use plants that can also cope with difficult climatic conditions. IPM ESSEN is therefore once again offering tours on the subject of “climate trees”.

In order to also focus on the promotion of biodiversity, this offer will be extended for IPM ESSEN 2023. In cooperation with the Bund deutscher Staudengärtner, the Stauden Ring and selected exhibitors, perennial plant tours will be offered. The meeting point for this is Hall 6. Further information at: www.ipm-essen.de

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