Hoogendoorn launches IIVO, the next generation process computer

VLAARDINGEN, Netherlands: In spite of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, greenhouse automation supplier Hoogendoorn Growth Management was able to deliver 30 minutes of content on 8 October to give greenhouse growers around the world an in-depth look at the features of its newest process computer IIVO.

Hoogendoorn’s newly appointed CEO Peter Hendriks and Chief Commercial Officer Marin Helmich guided viewers through what’s new in IIVO, explaining how it works and which benefits it provides for growers.

The virtual event took the form of presentations and a panel discussion in a studio setting. Phalaenopsis grower CosMic Plants and tomato grower Richard Schenkeveld – both from the Netherlands – and tomato grower Great Northern Hydroponics from Canada went on live stream to share their experience and thoughts as one of the first greenhouse growers who have purchased the IIVO computer.

IIVO is more than an all-in-one process computer. It provides smart technology for greenhouse growers and combines smart software and state-of-the-art hardware.

Hoogendoorn says, the system is truly unique in that it is capable of monitoring, controlling and maintaining any greenhouse. The computer allows growers to grow more, at higher quality while using minimal resources. Not only is the system highly effective, it is also extremely efficient and sustainable, generating maximum results.

Actually, Hoogendoorn believes that IIVO is the first step towards automated growing.

IIVO constantly and consistently monitors every aspect of the greenhouse environment, including climate conditions, irrigation and energy management. The system collects and archives data to create a complete and holistic overview of the conditions inside the greenhouse. IIVO can then be used as an advanced control computer to determine the specific needs of the crop at any given moment.

At the core of IIVO are the principles of Plant Empowerment: a unique cultivation method combining plant physiology and physics. An optimal balance of energy, water and assimilates creates stronger, healthier crops that are less susceptible to pests and diseases. A crop-specific approach that gives every crop exactly what it needs.

IIVO is designed to allow the further implementation of Data Driven Growing. Combining powerful algorithms, data from the growing environment and plant physiology, allowing the greenhouse grower to make the best decisions for your plants. The continuous flow of data collected during cultivation generates real-time insights into the conditions within the greenhouse and plant health. Insights that can be used to power artificial intelligence and machine learning to grow ever smarter over time.

As soon as IIVO is operational, millions of lines of code are put to work generating crop-specific insights. The software is built from scratch, by Hoogendoorn. No legacy coding, no workarounds.

Watch IIVO’s launch event on demand here

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