Hoogendoorn Growth Management launches Harvest Forecast tool

VLAARDINGEN, Netherlands: There are two questions growers and merchants worldwide have been struggling with for years: “What will the production be for the following weeks?” and “What does my labor scheme need to look like?” So far, manual predictions have been used to answer these questions, but the results of these often deviate a lot from reality.

With the exponential growth of sensor generated data and the transition to a more statistical approach in horticulture, data-driven growing is on the rise. Intelligent data-analysis is key to create more precise predictions and more cost efficient business models. An important step in the digitalisation of the production of tomatoes is the harvest forecast.

Hoogendoorn Growth Management offers a yield prediction model. They say it has an accuracy between 80% and 94%. The harvest forecast tool allows growers to grow more systematically and to optimise their cultivation strategy in order to harvest at the desired moment.  Growers know atforehand when product will be ready and can adjust sales accordingly, possibly resulting in optimised pricing.

For more information visit www.hoogendoorn.nl

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