Hoogendoorn to launch its new online data-analysis platform

 On June 12 innovator in horticultural automation Hoogendoorn will introduce its new online data-analysis platform Hoogendoorn Analytics at the GreenTech in the RAI Amsterdam. With the exponential growth of sensor generated data, intelligent data-analysis is indispensable to enable efficiencies in greenhouse automation and more cost efficient business models. Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are the new ‘superpowers’ in greenhouse automation that allow predictions and well-considered decisions making to boost growth.

As part of the new customer portal, Hoogendoorn Analytics provides secure instant access to relevant growth data at any time from any location on any device. Via the new Hoogendoorn data-analysis platform growers have insight into their real-time growth data to learn from the past and take well- considered decisions to boost their growth. Valuable data about e.g. greenhouse climate, energy consumption and production can be compared over multiple periods and of multiple locations. An important aspect is the use of graphics and summaries that enable users to view their data at a single glance. Besides, users can share their data with their crop advisor, free of charge, for better advice.

Hoogendoorn Analytics is subscription based and offers modules to choose from that are relevant to the grower’s needs.

Hoogendoorn Analytics modules
A few modules of Hoogendoorn Analytics are described below.

Big temperature differences increase the risk of crop condensation. To prevent this, it’s important to have insight into vertical temperature differences in the greenhouse and temperature differences between the plant and the environment. Thermoview measures the temperature of the plant, fruits, flowers and environment of the plant in real-time. Insight into these temperature differences helps to achieve a homogeneous climate and prevents crop condensation.

Harvest forecast
With the harvest forecast, the expected yields are calculated, allowing growers to grow more systematically.

The most exact way to determine the harvest forecast is via Artificial Intelligence. Results show a precision of over 90%. Of course this percentage largely depends on the amount of data available and the correctness of this data. To start with Harvest Forecast based on Artificial Intelligence, you need at least three years of (good) data to achieve this precision.

Not enough data available from the start? Hoogendoorn also offers a harvest forecast based on plant physiology. This way, growers can start immediately while building up the amount of data available.

Climate Monitor
The better the greenhouse climate, the better crop yields and quality. With the climate monitor you know exactly how the most important growth factors relate to each other.

For the plant, the ideal growth climate is a combination of radiation (PAR), temperature, RH and CO₂. Every radiation level asks for certain values of the other factors. These factors ensure the plant remains in balance, and thus ensure optimum production and quality. With the Climate Monitor, you monitor and guard the right combination of growth factors in the greenhouse.

But that’s not all. The Climate Monitor tracks the realized greenhouse climate non-stop and determines if the growth factors are balanced at all times. That means, within the limits you set yourself. Deviations are registered and clearly displayed, ensuring quick and easy insights into the quality of your greenhouse climate. This way you know which limits are exceeded and you can make adjustments in your climate control where needed. With the Climate Monitor, you realize an even better greenhouse climate, resulting in improved crop yields and quality.

RTR module
With the Radiation-Temperature-Ratio-module, you steer on the correct light-temperature balance. This results in a balanced plant and thus an optimized production and possible energy savings.

You enter the ideal light-temperature-balance for your crop. This will be displayed in Hoogendoorn Analytics. With the use of a scatter plot, the achieved light-temperature balances will be showed. You can immediately see how good or aberrant your climate was. You will be showed the dots for the averages of the last three months and the averages of the last week. With the RTR-module, you achieve a balanced plant. This results in an optimum production and quality and minimizes the risk of pests and diseases.

To steer cultivation more precise it is important to know what the exact situation is on multiple spots in the greenhouse. The need for more measurements and monitoring arises. This can easily be done with the use of portable wireless sensors. Hoogendoorn introduces a special platform for wireless sensors. All thinkable wireless sensors can be connected to the platform. The sensors are read online and data is sent automatically to the Sense2Grow platform. This provides you with new insights with regard to control options.

Are your curious about Hoogendoorn’s new innovations?
Experience live demonstrations of Hoogendoorn’s new innovations at the GreenTech from June 12 until 14 in hall 12 stand 502.


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