Holstein Flowers, Esperit Plants and Cooperativa Del Golfo scoop Dutch Flower Awards 2021

Group photo of the winners of the Dutch Flower Awards 2021.

AALSMEER, Netherlands: The Dutch Flower Group (DFG) hosted its annual Dutch Flower Awards ceremony at the Aalsmeer Trade Fair on Thursday 4 November, 2021,  recognising all of the hard work of DFG’ suppliers. This year’s winners are Holstein Flowers, Esperit Plants and  Cooperativa Del Golfo.

Nine cut flower and ornamental plant growers battled it out to win DFG’s prestigious Dutch Flower Award, which identifies successful and growing companies. Now in its 19th year (last year’s event cancelled duet o Covid-19), the prestigious accolade recognises hard working, outstanding  horticultural entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, product quality, supply chain management and commitment to sustainability efforts. All candidates are suppliers with whom the Dutch Flower Group has a tried and tested relationship.

In the category Cut Flowers, the winner was gerbera grower and breeder Holstein Flowers. Established in 1946, the family-run business grows over almost 130 gerbera varieties across 11 hectares and is currently the largest gerbera grower worldwide. Holstein Flowers is also one of the world’s cleanest gerbera growers and has a continuous focus on sustainability.

In the Ornamental Plant category, the award went to Esperit Plants, a renowned houseplant and young plant grower from ‘s Gravenzande.

Italy-based Cooperative Del Golfo scooped up the award in the category International Grower. Founded in 1989, the Coop del Golfo is a traditionally-structured floricultural cooperative with 250 member growers. Grown in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area on the lower slopes of Mount Vesuvius at 100 – 500 metres above sea level, their range of cut flowers is arguably one of the world’s best. A combination of successful breeding programmes, intense sunlight, fertile volcanic soils and a dedicated workforce provide optimal conditions for producing a wide variety of fresh cut flowers and cut foliage. Coop del Golfo growers cultivate their ornamentals on 150 ha of land; in greenhouses, polytunnels or in the field.

Winning the Preferred Partner Award was Roel Schoemaker of Glocalities. Over the past years, Glocalities has provided shopper segmentation research for DFG’s companies. More recently, the company provided an update on consumer developments on flowers and plants for Dutch Flower Group. DFG’s Preferred Partner Award was created in 2015 in addition to the Dutch Flower Awards. It recognises supply chain partners for the dedication and forward-looking perspective they use in working together with DFG.

In his speech, DFG CEO Jan van Dam said that ‘Growth Through Innovation’ -the theme of this year’s Dutch Flower Awards- will be a key driver in the years to come. He also indicated that focus on more consumer-oriented development and teaming up on innovations with growers would create many opportunities for growth at their customer base.

DFG also has positive expectations regarding this year’s turnover compared to 2020. Next year, DFG foresees major challenges within the supply chain due to the rising costs of energy, materials (due to higher commodity prices) and logistics, as well as the availability of flowers and plants.

The Dutch Flower Group (DFG) is a globally acting group of  30 trading companies. Together they lead the import, export, trade and market development of cut flowers, bouquets, cut foliage and plants. They supply to both specialist traders (florists) via wholesalers and multiple retailers (supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centres). Together with its 2.500 employees, Dutch Flower Group achieved a turnover of € 1.5 billion in 2017, exporting to 60 countries worldwide.

For more information visit www.dfg.nl

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