High demand in British garden centres may be here to stay

DIDCOT, UK: The latest market information suggests the beginning of a new normal, with garden centre sales for June 2021 down just 3% from June 2020, when sales rocketed due to the national lockdown. This is  up 40% from June 2019, pre-pandemic, so it appears the high demand is here to stay, perhaps as those who took up gardening during the pandemic continue their new hobby. 

Garden centre sales from June 2020 and June 2021 indicate the demand for garden tools and equipment remains high – sales were 73% higher than June 2019 and 1% higher than June 2020. Good weather during the first half of the month may have inspired consumers to do more garden maintenance.

Average Transaction Values (ATVs) in garden stores are also up 35% from June 2019 and, despite reduced sales and hinderances caused by continued social distancing restrictions, catering also saw improved ATVs – up 58% from the same time.

As shown in the Market Update Report, 20% of British adults indicated that they expect to do more gardening over the 12 months following March 2021 compared to pre-pandemic times. This is most prevalent amongst consumers aged 25-34, 27% of whom indicated they will do more gardening throughout the next year, encouraging news for garden centres following their reopening earlier this year.

Market Research Executive for the HTA, Laura Jeffery, said: “This time last year, garden centre sales were experiencing a boom following the first national lockdown; with consumers  at home,  much leisure and travel unavailable, and  garden centres amongst the first retailers to reopen. Encouragingly our figures show that this demand for gardening has been sustained, with an audience of younger gardeners for the industry to keep inspiring  as travel, leisure and socialisation opens back up.”

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