GROEN-Direkt to herald the autumn with a bang

HAZERSWOUDE/BOSKOOP, Netherlands: GROEN-Direkt, the organiser of one of Europe’s largest plant trolley fairs, is heralding the autumn of 2021 with a bang, announcing its 25th anniversary and its Autumn Fair, which will take place between 25-26 August 2021.

The Groen-Direkt trade fairs are internationally renowned for their complete and extensive range of garden plants. For the autumn edition, the organisers will gather more than 5,500 plant batches under one roof.

What makes GROEN-Direkt unique is its hybrid formula: the combination of a trolley fair and a webshop enables the company to offer a wide, seasonally varying range of garden plants year-round.

True to tradition, Groen-Direkt’s Autumn fair will focus on excitingly new plants and shrubs, merchandising concepts, and Christmas trees presales. Orders can be easily placed via the special ordering app on your tablet or mobile phone.

The event will showcase its products on large benches. A number of plants of each batch will be presented on these raised benches, enabling the fair visitors to have a good look at the plants on all sides. The benches will make for an attractive fair presentation while providing a good view of the products, with the added advantage that the plants can be watered, so they will retain their quality for longer.

This year marks GROEN-Direkt’s 25th anniversary. The anniversary will be the theme of the coming year’s events, starting with the Autumn Fair.

GROEN-Direkt’s B2B Autumn Fair will take place on 25 and 26 August at Noorwegenlaan 37, 2391 PW Hazerswoude, the Netherlands (ITC site).

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