GROEN-Direkt Autumn Fair to coincide with inaugural edition of Plantarium | GROEN-Direkt

HAZERSWOUDE/BOSKOOP, Netherlands: GROEN-Direkt, the organiser of one of Europe’s largest wholesale plant/nursery stock sale events, is heralding the autumn of 2022 with a bang, announcing its Autumn Fair, which will take place between 24-25 August 2022.

The GROEN-Direkt trade fairs are internationally renowned for their complete and extensive range of garden plants. For the autumn edition, the organisers will gather more than 5,000 plant batches on raised benches and under one roof. Garden retailers can order using the familiar ‘plant layer system’

The USP of GROEN-Direkt’s events is the combination of a trolley fair and a showcase of a seasonally varying range of garden plants year-round.

True to tradition, GROENen-Direkt’s Autumn fair will focus on excitingly new plants and shrubs, merchandising concepts, and Christmas trees pre-sales.

The Autumn Fair is a prolongation of the company’s anniversary year, coupled with fundraising events such as a plant trolley auction. The auction proceeds will go to ‘GREEN Education Fund’ to promote education and knowlegde exchange within the nursery stock sector.

GROEN-Direkt’s Autumn Fair will coincide with the inaugural edition of Plantarium | GROEN-Direkt,  the leading international nursery trade fair which emerged following the merger between GROEN-Direkt’s former Product Promotion Plaza and Plantarium.

The build-up to the Plantarium|Groen-Direkt tradeshow in August is good, looking at the forward bookings. Show organiser Green Retail Events anticipates more than 200 exhibitors.

GROEN-Direkt Autumn Fair: the essentials

  • Date    :           Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 August
  • Opening times :           7am – 5 pm.
  • Venue : International Trade Centre Boskoop/Hazerswoude,  Noorwegenlaan 37, 2391 PW Hazerswoude, the Netherlands
  • Webshop :           the entire fair range will also be available via the webshop
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