Green is Life wants you to Meet Again as it announces this year’s slogan

WARSAW, Poland: The Polish Nurserymen Association and Agencja Promocji Zieleni are pleased to announce that the 28th edition of Green is Life and its satellite Flower Expo Polska show are set to take place between 2-4 September 2021. The organisers have decided that this year’s slogan will be Let’s Meet.

Organising two trade shows under one roof creates synergy and makes both events a must see for industry professionals from across Europe.

The first two days of the event are open to industry professionals only while on the last day the show is open to the large public. One highlight of the show is the Green is Life Novelty contest.

Poland is a 38-million nation in which flowers are always welcome as gifts while it is also natural for Poles to choose flowers when it comes to events and special moments. Name days, for example, are celebrated in Poland rather than birthdays with flowers being a popular gift item. Thanks to its geographical position, Poland and its Green is Life show are the perfect location for business operations with substantial exposure to Poland’s nearby markets, such as the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

In the international trade arena, Polish grown hardy nursery stock plays an important role. Shrubs trees, perennials, climbers, heather and other plants are exported to 40 countries. Poland is also a primary importer of nursery stock products from other countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

One of the driving forces behind industry growth is the Polish Nurserymen Assocation  which organises the Green is Life and,  since 2016, the Flower Expo Poland show.

In 2019, nearly 300 exhibitors from 10 countries and 17,000 attendees from 36 countries took part in the combined trade shows. The past twelve months have been challenging for the events industry. Greenlife and Flower Expo Poland playing a key role in its recovery by cautiously preparing an in-person event once again is the news that everyone was waiting for.

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