Green City Post relaunches

It started eight years ago, issued as an additional feature of FloraCulture International (FCI) magazine. Today publisher AIPH is proud to bring you the latest iteration of the Green City Post, FCI’s supplement fully dedicated to a growing Green City community.

The Green City concept is gaining momentum. While the world continues to urbanise – the UN estimates that 68% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050 – and our cities are warming up due to the urban heat island effect.  There’s wide-spread growing interest in ‘living green’ in urban environments as a response to increasing evidence of the benefits it brings to human health and wellbeing and the impacts of climate change.

The message from the horticulture industry now goes beyond simply promoting and selling plants, to also selling fresh air, cool streets, solutions to water management and feeling good. To do this, it is important to clearly describe how plants can deliver such benefits and demonstrate where and how this has been put into practice. The Green City Post aims to give an overview of global progress, become a focal point for green city best practice and a platform for the exchange of ideas and research findings.

The latest edition of Green City Post includes an interview with Ian Shears who leads the city of Melbourne’s stewardship and advocacy, external liaison and strategic work regarding urban forestry, integrated water management and green infrastructure.  Melbourne has made significant advances as a Green City over the past three decades and has been voted ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’ for seven years in a row. Green City Post spoke with Ian Shears to find out how Melbourne has successfully balanced significant population growth and infrastructure development with green initiatives.

In the same issue, Green City expert Dr Audrey Gerber provides an overview of the Green City Reports from ten AIPH country members which were presented at the AIPH Spring Meeting, held in April in Noordwijk the Netherlands. The International Association for Horticultural Producers leads global thinking on the successful integration of nature into the built environment. Through its Green City initiative, it promotes the essential role of plants in creating vibrant urban areas in which people and businesses can thrive. AIPH sustains that our environment, human wellbeing, social cohesion and economies are all improved by intelligently designed green space. With this in mind, AIPH aims to develop an international standard for green cities.

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