Grand Commandry of Alden Biesen to host annual FleurAmour flower show

Photo credit: Blush.

BILZEN, Belgium: Held against the historic backdrop of the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen, FleurAmour is a four-day floral extravaganza with more than 400 floral artists from all over the world working on this year’s theme: Magic.

Floral artists from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Nederlands, Urkaine, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, Turkey, the UK and the USA have confirmed their participation at FleurAmour. The event will run between 23 – 26 September, 2022.

There are also castle tours available which will guide visitors through the Commandry’s cabinet, salon, and library, renovated in 2003. Striking are the parquet floor, the wall paper made of red deer parchment, and the artistic ceiling decorations. In the north-eastern corner turret of the water fortress the library is arranged in Liege Rococo-style, .

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