Global floral supply chain to meet in Miami to explore consumer purchase journey

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To maximise floral purchases at retail, marketers must discover the consumer’s purchase journey. What is the shopper looking for? What converts a “maybe floral” idea to an “add to cart” action in-store or online? The International Fresh Produce Association contracted with market research experts at Kantar to explore a deep understanding of what shoppers are looking for, their mindsets, and their outlook on floral. This exclusive presentation happens only at The Floral Conference – Miami on May 23 in Miami. 

In addition to such programme highlights, conference participants from the entire floral supply chain will enjoy opportunities to network and build business relationships.

“One of the things that stands out to me is the supply chain diversity we’ll see in Miami,” said IFPA floral director Deb Zoellick. “It’s the backyard for many floral importers, attracts suppliers from Latin America, and draws buyers from chains like H-E-B, Giant, Albertsons, Topco, Spartan Nash, and more.

“When we get the supply chain together to learn and network, we have more-robust conversations about the topics most important to them – in this case understanding consumers to better meet their needs and drive sales,” she said. “Plus, we have a lot of fun!”

Conference content

The conference includes insights from Kantar, refreshments, lunch, and a closing reception. The Kantar research looks at the following:

  • What floral purchasers are looking for – floral options, price points — and what products and services they are willing to pay for in the future.
  • Attitudes toward floral – when they purchase and why.
  • Triggers for and barriers to purchasing.
  • What features or services will set retailers apart in a “future of floral” shopping experience?
  • How shopping differs across brick + mortar versus online – revealing how retailers and channels can differentiate themselves, attract shoppers, and create the “floral habit”.

The International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) is the largest and most diverse international association serving the entire fresh produce and floral supply chain and the only one to integrate world-facing advocacy and industry-facing support seamlessly. We exist to bring the industry together to create a vibrant future for all. We grow our member’s prosperity by conducting advocacy, connecting people and ideas, and offering guidance that allows us all to take action with purpose and confidence.  While IFPA is built on the legacy of the United Fresh and Produce Marketing Association, it is not just a combination. It is transformational. Recognising the industry required an even more powerful and unified voice, the leaders of the former United Fresh and Produce Marketing Association chose not to merge but rather to create an entirely new organisation to supersede their organisations, effective January 1, 2022.

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