German plant breeder Selecta One warns against infringement and misuse of its Pink Kisses and Oscar trademarks

Stuttgart-based ornamental plant breeder and propagator Selecta One has warned industry professionals against infringement, abuse and misuse of its Pink Kisses and Oscar trademarks in the public domain without authorisation.

For the company’s successful lines of potted Dianthus, selling under the Pink Kisses® and Oscar® brands, there are several international protection rights for name, logo and images (e.g. trademark protection register number 011 261 724 of 11.03.2013).

For Oscar as the leading series (trademark protection register number 009 239 328 of 24.12.2010), there is extensive trademark protection as a registered international trademark in addition to variety protection.

Therefore, these and many other protected names of the Selecta carnation assortment may be used exclusively for Selecta genetics. This also applies to the use of corresponding concept pots and labels.

The company will take legal action against infringements and misuse of names. “We will not accept any violation of our trademark rights,” explains marketing director Klaus Gaumann.

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