GardenKoala brings more than 34 years of experience in potted plant production

ADANA, Turkey: Established in 1987, GardenKoala Ltd. from Adana province specialises in growing tropical foliage plants, flowering house plants and garden plants.

Innovation and quality are core to the company’s success, which grows six million plants a year on 38 hectares of high-tech greenhouse and outdoor production units.

Glass and plastic-polycarbonate greenhouses provide optimum light transmission for plants. They are fitted with the latest technology by Priva, Netafim and Inta to create the perfect growing climate and watering systems. Depending on Priva’s climate control automation system, the Carrier cooling system keeps the greenhouse temperature stable even in the hottest summer months. This balance is a must for producing high-quality orchids. Our CO2 fertilisation system maximises photosynthesis quality in plants, allowing the company to grow plants with a tremendously long shelf life. The water used in the production areas is treated with UV and Reverse Osmosis.

GardenKoala takes pride in being one of the engines behind business growth in the Çukurova district, growing more than 40 different varieties. Together with its partner companies Yanko and Ayvali Sera, GardenKoala generates an annual turnover of approximately $20 million. Twenty-seven per cent of which comes from plant exports.

Gardenkoala is known for being Turkey’s first commercial Phalaenopsis nursery, growing 1 million potted Phalaenopsis a year for the home market.

Gardenkoala has customers in nearly every segment of the market, using temperature-controlled logistics operators to maintain the highest quality and maximise their plants’ shelf life throughout the supply chain: from wholesale customer to the end consumer. The company’s export managers are devoted to increasing export sales and breaking into new territories. Therefore, relentlessly focusing on new merchandising concepts and exciting new plants for the world market.

GardenKoala’s Yanko branch supplies the finest range of potted plants to Turkish supermarkets. Potted plants for the mass market come with tailormade sleeves and barcodes; ready to fly off the supermarket shelves.

GardenKoala is an MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ, MPS-ABC certified potted plant grower and achieves high sustainability levels (and thus a minimal footprint on the environment) through solar electricity production and biological crop protection.

The full range of MPS certificates are proof that GardenKoala is genuinely committed to growing ornamental plants which are good for the planet and its people.

Garden Koala’s plant portfolio includes:


As Gardenkoala was Turkey’s first potted phalaenopsis grower, it has taken a leading role in setting the quality standards. The company grows potted phalaenopsis in all sizes, shapes and colour ranging from mini, midi, and maxi sizes orchids.

Flowering houseplants

African violets, Begonia and Spathiphyllum, are among the most common flowering plants the company produces in high quantity throughout the year. These plants, which are indispensable for interior decoration, take their place in the market with the sense of Gardenkoala quality.

Seasonal plants

Gardenkoala grows potted Chrysanthemum, hydrangea, dahlia, dianthus, gerbera, impatiens, osteospermum, fuchsia, petunia and many more flowering plants. Gardenkoala brings colour to the spring with these plants, which are produced seasonally in various potted sizes.

Tropical foliage plants

It is no secret that tropical foliage plants with their glossy, patterned leaves, sturdy stems and incredible shelf life ride the wave of popularity among consumers worldwide.  Gardenkoala is a specialist supplier of Dieffenbachia (Tropic Snow, Camilla, compacta), Ficus (benjamina, robusta, bonsai), Schefflera, Croton, Nephrolepis, Epipremnum, Dracaena marginata, Dracaena fragrans Masssngeana, and Yucca.

Succulent plants

Kalanchoe, known for its long shelf life and colourful blooms, comes year-round in different pot sizes.

Location, location, location

Gardenkoala is in the south of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, ideally located between the west and the east, and it is an important gateway to the Middle East market.

Mersin Port and the new international airport, which will soon be open, are only a short distance away. Temperature controlled trucks can reach the Netherlands and Germany within four to five days. And, it takes 15 days from Mersin Port to Rotterdam Port. Half-finished and finished plants imported from China arrive at the company within 25 days. Using its advantage of location, Koalagarden is currently exporting to Netherlands, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia and many Middle East countries.

Benign climate

Koalagarden is always one step ahead of its competitors having the advantage of producing ornamental plants in a region that benefits from a benign Mediterranean climate. This location allows the company to grow plants for early spring sales in Western Europe.





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