FSI members focus on 90% target and ambition 2025

BRUSSELS, Belgium: In a final stretch to reach the FSI 2020 ambition, members confirmed their efforts and action plans while already preparing additions to the benchmarks of sustainable sourcing towards 2025.

Through more frequent evaluation meetings, FSI members are sharing information on their responsible sourcing challenges, supporting their individual 90% target of sustainably sourced and traded flowers and plants.

Driven by the urgency to move quickly, they work on improving data quality, increasing certified sourcing availability, and mobilizing buying and executive management.

The 13 new members welcomed last year are picking up the pace and benefit from the work already done. If not there yet, those reporting will have 2 years to increase their responsible production/sourcing towards 90%.

FSI members recognise that responsible sourcing is a license to operate and because markets are expecting more transparency and responsibility from the sector, additional conditions are being prepared.

Building on the 2020 momentum, from 1st January 2021, responsible sourcing according to the FSI Basket will include new environmental requirements on demonstrable IPM systems as well as digital record keeping on agrochemicals, fertiliser, water and energy. This will further stimulate fact-based discussions using aggregated data and improvement of practices through the development of environmental indicators and footprint calculations. With these additional conditions, 90% responsible sourcing will remain in the coming years at the core of FSI members commitment.

Whilst still focusing on the 2020 ambition, FSI members have started formulating their ambition towards 2025. Building on the importance of transparency and responsibility in the floriculture supply chain, measurable impacts on key topics (IPM, Working Conditions, Carbon footprint and Living wage), and Integrated reporting will become future building blocks. By taking ownership of their individual and sector progress, the active group of FSI members will continue to demonstrate what good sustainable practices look like, for the industry as well as individually.

On the way to this vision and with clear KPI’s for FSI2025, FSI members will engage in working groups, setting-up pilots, communicating and evaluating results, improving action plans, and reviewing FSI governance towards launching the new FSI 2025 strategy at the General Assembly coming January 2021.

During the General Assembly last week, FSI members welcomed the candidates for Retail and CSOs: Laura Jungmann, Sustainability manager at Albert Heijn (Retail), and Margaux Yost, Manager HERproject at BSR – Business for Social Responsibility (CSO). Current Board representative for Production Noth, Gijs Kok, Director Sustainability & CSR at Royal FloraHolland will be replaced by Maarten Bánki, Manager sustainable development & quality at Royal FloraHolland, whose interim appointment was warmly received by the members.

For more information visit www.fsi2020.com and follow FSI on Linked-In.

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